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*Please double check to make sure you have selected the correct date of your event.
To ensure that Yard Greetings With Luv is setup at the correct place, please double check to make sure you have entered your address correctly.
(Example: Happy Birthday Mom, Welcome Home, Happy Anniversary, etc.)
If for a school accomplishment (Example: good report card, graduation, etc.)
Payment must be received in full prior to the date of the event. (Example: cash, credit card, etc.)
Spreading Love in Apopka, Zellwood, Mount Dora, Ocoee and surrounding areas! *Rental is for 10-12 hours.
Spreading Love in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, Altamonte Spring, Longwood and surrounding areas! *Rental is for 10-12 hours.
*Rental is for 10-12 hours.
This total doesn't include a 6.5% sales tax that will be added to prior to receiving your payment. You will be notified of your final price before scheduling a time to pay for your Yard Greeting with Luv in person.
This page contains the terms & conditions. Please read these terms & conditions carefully before ordering for Yard Greetings with Luv. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

1. Payment is required in 24 hours after booking to reserve your date.

2. You will be invoiced for missing or damaged lawn display items.

3. For the safety of everyone, especially children, please do not allow anyone to play on or around the lawn greetings display. The display items will not safely support the weight of a child leaning, sitting, or playing on it.

4. Please do not move the items once they are placed. They have been placed in the location based on best visibility and ease of installing in the ground.

5. If you are booking for a location that is not your home, please inform someone in that residence or business that Yard Greetings with Luv will be setting up and returning with 24 hours to pick up.

6. Do not allow any lawn maintenance to occur near the cards. Grass clippings will stain the cards and weed eaters can cause significant damage.

7. Do not throw away the lawn displays or vandalize the signs. Even if you do not like the display gift given to you these items are our property and business. It is best to notify the honoree to not harm the display as you are still responsible for any damages that occur.

8. Please do not attach balloons to any part of the display. Balloons get hot in the sun and can damage the signs. Tapes can remove the ink from the yard card causing permanent damage.

9. We encourage you to pose next to the display and take photographs of your celebration. We would love for you to share your photographs with us and review us on Facebook (Yard Greetings with Luv)) and Instagram (@yardgreetingswithluv)

1. For our safety, please make sure someone at the home or location knows we will be Delivering whenever possible.

2. Pets need to be secured inside the home or a fenced area. Outside pets may cause a disturbance during set up and ruin the surprise.

3. Pet waste needs to be removed from the yard prior to the installation.

4. Be sure to close blinds to limit barking of any dogs. This may ruin the surprise.

5. If possible please turn off your sprinkler system for the evening. Sprinklers that are on during the set up can knock cards over.

6. If possible, please water your yard prior to the installation. Dry, tough ground can make difficult installation and sometimes it can prevent installation.

1. Our deliveries usually occur in the evening beginning at 7:00 PM or as late as midnight when we have several deliveries.

2. We cannot deliver during turbulent weather. If weather becomes an issue we will contact you to make another delivery arrangement or issue a refund.

3. We reserve the right to photograph the yard card and use it for marketing purposes.

4. If we are not able to install your yard card due to severe weather, you may apply that payment to another date or have a refund issued.

5. All set up includes an advertising sign for Yard Greetings with Luv. This may not be altered or moved.

1. If you must cancel your booking, refund will be issued in the form of a credit for a future booking date, based on our availability.

2. In the event of inclement weather, we may not be able to set up your lawn display. Inclement weather includes lightning, high winds, hurricane or tornado. In these cases we will offer a full refund or reschedule for a different date.

3. No refunds will be given due to the client giving us the wrong address.

4. No refunds will be given due to the recipient requesting us to remove the lawn display.

5. No refunds will be given due to denied access to a gated community.

6. No refunds will be given due to any animals that prevent the display from being set up.

7. No refunds will be given for any circumstances that prevent us from setting up the display upon arrival that is out of our control.

8. If the ground is too hard and the staff is not able to place the signs a refund will be issued. Our recommendation is to water your lawn at least 48 hours prior to if it hasn't already rained.

Disclaimer: Any injuries or damages cause by the yard signs while on your property will not be the liability of Yard Greetings with Luv of Apopka.